EU*US eHealth Work ProjectMeasuring, Informing, Educating and Advancing


Executing the tasks of mesaurement through an overall goal of mapping, quantifying and projecting the need, supply and demand for workforce skills and competencies: survey and gap analysis


Informing new and incumbent eHealth workforce members, pertinent actors, stakeholders and others in the health information and technology field regarding the resuts of our measuresments: newsletters, website, dissemination events


Educating by utilizing results to build a set of foundational curricula, enhancing the HITComp Tool and Repository, and building an interactive web platform usable by students, new and imcumbent healthcare workers and others: Foundational Curricula and HITComp, Skills and Knowledge Assessment and Development Framework


Advancing the field of eHealth/health IT and further enhancing workforce building initiatives by disseminating and exploiting the work generated under this project, utilising our network of networks: dissemination events, IWP, interactive educator modules

Project Deliverables
Global Case Studies
Foundational Curriculum Units
Professions and Roles Using eHealth
eHealth Competencies
Global Stakeholders

Digital Skills

Why is eHealth Workforce Development Important?

Healthcare systems require a robust supply of both highly proficient eHealth/health IT professionals as well as an overall workforce that has a sufficient level of digital skills to make the optimum use of eHealth tools and resources. However, there remains a global shortage, especially in the European Union, of eHealth workers across the full spectrum of job roles, spanning clinical care, social care, informatics and administration. There is also a dearth of structured eHealth education and training opportunities. This project has worked to overcome some of these gaps and help work toward development of a more robust eHealth workforce.

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Join us and become an active stakeholder today! Our stakeholders include members from our consortium and partner organizations, as well as large global eHealth community of interdisciplinary heatlhcare professionals, academics and educators, students, partners from the public and private HIT sector, vendors, and other interested parties

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Want to Evaluate Your Skill Level?

Try our Skills and Knowledge Assessment and Development Framework

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The SKAD is a self-assessment questionnaire that helps students or current eHealth workers assess their digital literacy skills

SKAD is a great starting point for our Foundational Curriculum and other tools and resources, such as HITComp, ESCO (European Skills, Competences, qualifications and Occupations) and the HIMSS TIGER Virtual Learning Environment

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 727552 EUUSEHEALTHWORK