About Our Project

Our Mission is to Map Skills and Competencies, Provide Access to Knowledge Tools and Platforms, and Strengthen, Disseminate and Exploit Success Outcomes for a Skilled Transatlantic eHealth Workforce. The overall goal of the EU*US eHealthWork Project has been to measure, inform, educate and advance eHealth and health information technology skills, work and workforce development throughout Europe, the United States and globally. Please join us!


We execute the tasks of measurement through an overall goal of mapping, quantifying and projecting the need, supply and demand for workforce skills and competences.


We inform new and incumbent eHealth workforce members, pertinent actors, stakeholders and others in the health information and technology field regarding the results of our measurements.


We educate by utilising results to build a set of foundational curricula, enhance the HITCOMP Tool and Repository, and build an interactive web platform usable by students, new and incumbent healthcare workers and practitioners, educators, governments and industry.


Finally, we advance the field of eHealth/health IT and further enhance workforce building initiatives by disseminating and exploiting the work generated under this project. We utilise our "network of networks" in a perpetually evolving process of information, resource and tool development.

Why is eHealth Workforce Development Important?

Electronic systems in healthcare help increase quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare delivery. eHealth enables healthcare workers and providers to maximize their care delivery, and ultimately results in better outcomes for patients, consumers and society.

Healthcare systems require a robust supply of both highly proficient eHealth/IT professionals as well as an overall workforce that has a sufficient level of IT skills to make the optimum use of eHealth. However, there is a global shortage, especially in the European Union, of eHealth workers across the full spectrum of job roles, spanning clinical, social care, informatics, and administration. There is also a dearth of structured eHealth education and training opportunities. The goal of this project has been to address this workforce shortage by:


This project began September 1, 2016 and ended May 31, 2018.

The project will continue its dissemination and exploitation activities after this time.

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